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Arden Community Forum 6th December

The Powerpoint presentation from this recent event is available to view here.


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Joe Bamford does the Duke of Edinburgh proud at Henley Community Library

Joe Bamford does the Duke of Edinburgh proud at Henley Community Library Volunteers at Henley Community Library were delighted to have Joe Bamford’s help on Saturday mornings from July through September 2012. The Library Management System
computer was frustrating to work with, especially for those volunteers coming to computers later in life, and Joe’s ability to cope with it probably saved the sanity of a few of us as the hardware deteriorated to the point where it had to be replaced late in August. As Iris on the Saturday team says, He certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the library and with his confidence and mature outlook was a most welcome member of the volunteer staff. He was always welcoming to the
members of the public. Nothing fazed him and his help with various computer questions and problems gave us confidence too while we were still learning by experience! In spite of the (very wide) age gap, with his relaxed style, he immediately fitted in and we were all part of the same Saturday team!

George adds ‘and when the computer went down, his making notes by hand and then the subsequent putting them on computer was a great help…’

Joe’s service coincided with the Library’s Summer Reading Challenge for 4- to 12-year-olds, when the reception counter often looked like kindergarten at recess time. With Joe in charge at the desk, borrowers of all ages and sizes could be helped while Reading Challenge volunteers were interviewing the children about their books and helping to advance their
tokens through Olympic bronze, silver and gold. We think Joe deserves a gold medal himself.

Customers and volunteers alike had warm words for Joe and were sorry when his attachment ended. We’re sure he has a bright future, and his university and subsequent employer will be lucky to get him.

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Summer Reading Challenge – Update

The Summer Reading Challenge is going brilliantly. Over 60 children have registered.

As of 17th August 23 children have achieved Bronze (2 books), 16 have achieved Silver (4 books) and 15 have reached the Gold Award (6 books). Really well done.

There will be a Gold Awards Event on Saturday September 8th in the library.  More details to follow.

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What do we give to our children? Books available

Following the success of the recent evening discussion led by Julie de Bastion, attendees enquired whether her book was available to buy. Julie has now kindly donated 10 copies of What do we give to our children? to the library, these can be purchased (suggested donation £2) with the proceeds going to the HCL funds.

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