Your help is wanted for ©OwnBooks!

Own Books by Julie De Bastion©OwnBooks aims to promote book enjoyment and ownership among young children by recycling outgrown children’s books. Parents whose children have outgrown books are encouraged to bring them to collection points, such as the library. From there, volunteers —who are wanted for the scheme—collect , clean and label them with the scheme book plate, so that parents will know the source is trustworthy. We sort them into two broad age groups, 3 to 5 and 5 to 8. The books go to safe distribution points in participating schools, nurseries and playgroups. Children may choose one or two books a week to take home and read on their own or better, with their parents. There is no obligation to return or pay for the books.

Project Manager Julie de Bastion, a local artist, writer and Library Volunteer, developed the scheme and has taken it to schools and nurseries in the area as well as to Warwick District Council’s Arts Officer She has also enlisted the support of several area charity shops as well as the Community Library and the Henley Primary School.

To volunteer, contact Julie de Bastion at or  Judith Lindley at

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